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This site has been put together as a free resource centre for people looking for information and advice on UK taxes and personal finances in general from an expatriate perspective. What you should be aware of, changes and rumoured changes, allowances and structures etc.

Provided and maintained by a UK experienced and qualified Chartered Financial Planner and his team, we are hoping to create the go-to site for British expats looking for simple, understandable and, most importantly, useable information on how you should be structuring your affairs to get the most of your time in Dubai or elsewhere.

After realising that no one except Richard's Dad and Grandpa read his blog, We have chosen short video clips as our method of delivery and we hope you enjoy and get lots of value

Richard Taylor

We are Richard Taylor, Barry Goertz and Edmund Teasdale.

You've probably met a few offshore financial advisers in your time and may have a certain image in your head right now - that's not us! Two true and one adopted northerner, unlike many people within the industry we ARE finance professionals and we have the background, experience and qualifications to back this statement up.

We strongly believe in quality financial advice that protects families, makes people money, saves people money, but most importantly allows people to create and lead the lives they want for themselves and their families.

I (Richard) am one of a handful of financial advisers in the UAE who is highly qualified by UK standards with a degree in Financial Services, the Investment Management Certificate and one of only 3 Chartered Financial Planners in the UAE (as far as I am aware - there could be a couple more but they are keeping themselves well hidden if so).

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It's simple, but incredibly important - because I genuinely care about my clients! I want the best for them and I would never do or recommend anything that wasn't in their best interests. You are always free to ask them yourself if you like. This sentiment is shared by all members of my team - I wouldn't work with anyone who took a different line.

Plus, I am a REALLY well qualified UK Financial Planner operating in a land where a background in Financial Services and qualifications of any description are deemed completely superfluous to the role.

Does this mean you are guaranteed honest, quality, relevant advice? No, of course not, there are plenty of well qualified crooks languishing in prison as we speak. But it should reassure you that I have both the commitment and intelligence to have spent 5 years plus working to pass exams that meant I can legitimately stand out amongst my peers (and that was by UK standards).

I'm in Dubai to stay, I love what I do and I get enormous satisfaction from helping my clients. Please feel free to give me a shout if you think I'm the sort of person you'd like to work with.


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